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Digitally Signing

Digitally Signing

  • DigiDocuSign- Desktop application helps you digitally sign your business documents like Invoices, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, reports, All Form 16 or any legal documents.
  • DigiDocuSign- software permits you to sign your PDF Documents with your DSC e-Token. Also helps you to send signed documents via e-mail.
  • DigiDocuSign- Integrated with Tally ERP9 to sign GST Invoices, Purchase Orders, Outstanding report.

How it Work

Sign PDF Document

Select and sign for single document or multiple documents.

Sign Bulk Document

Using this option you can quickly sign thousands of PDF documents within a few minutes by selecting Input & output directory.

Easy to configure signature position & appearance.

User can define signing position by using X & Y Position.

Set Password to signed PDF Document

This feature helps user to keep your document more safe & secure.

User can set different password for each document by providing password list in excel template.

Send Sign documents using e-mail

This feature helps user to auto send PDF Document to appropriate person without opening outlook, Gmail or any other mailing software.

User can send bulk mails by providing email list in excel template.

Sign documents using multiple Digital Signatures.

Allows you to select system stored multiple digital signatures for different document.

Generate Log after signing bulk document or sending bulk mails.

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